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Women Want Sex Men Want Cuddles, (research)

8 years ago | 8022 Views
A new survey shows men would be chuffed with a cuddle where as women prefer to have sex.

It's now proven that women want sex just as much, and even more than men. New research found acts of affection are more important to our other halves then they are us.  The time you've been together plays a part too, once a couple have been partners for 15 years, women seem to want more and more sex.

According to Cosmo, the white coats at Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, America spoke to 1,000 couples from the US, Germany, Spain, Japan and Brazil who’d been in relationships for a variety of years from one to 51. The passionate participants were asked how many times in the past month they kissed, cuddled, caressed and had sex. This was then monitored against how happy men and women were in their bedroom activities and their relationships too.
Men who came out as happiest were the ones who said they frequently kissed and cuddled their partner. Those who failed to hug their wife or girlfriend all the time weren’t as happy. Women bucked convention and said when constantly shown affection it had little impact on how happy they felt.

Men shifted the focus of their overall happiness onto their relationship whereas women who were more likely to say their sex life determined how happy they were in their relationship.
While this research only assessed couples aged from 40-70, we reckon it’s an indication of a new romantic trend – men wanting more affection and we just want to get down to it…

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Courtesy of Cosmo
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