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Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Should Have More Sex

8 years ago | 12000 Views
This is a true story I read online today and thought I should share with all of you who are following my sex tips and tricks.

The ultra sexy black, bold and beautiful singer Rihanna has been rated the third sexiest woman alive by FHM on the list of the selected 100 sexiest women alive in the world.

True story:
I went to a new primary care doctor for a routine physical a few years ago, and after looking at my chart, he promptly asked me why I was so thin. "You're underweight for your age," he said. He looked truly concerned. He asked if I was eating three meals a day. I laughed, and told him I've been thin all my life because I have a super high metabolism. "I eat all the time," I said.

And then he asked me something I thought only OB/GYNs would inquire about. "Are you having sex on a regular basis?" I was blown. Did this dude just ask about MY SEX LIFE? I had come for a physical, not a conversation about my sexuality. He then went on to explain his theory that perhaps I was depressed and needed to "make time for love" in my life so I would feel happier, eat more and eventually pick up more weight.

I changed doctors. But really, I shouldn't have been surprised by his suggestions, since physicians and fitness professionals have long exalted the power of sex on your overall well-being. At the time, I was just completely clueless. Until my mom started writing about the very positive effects that romance can have on your health. According to WebMD, there are at least 10 major health benefits of sex, and of course I quickly zoned in on the ones that seemed especially relevant for stressed-out, workaholic women entrepreneurs like me.

Sex helps you sleep better

I know I'm not alone when I say that most nights, I'm up until the wee hours of the morning working on my business. I stay up late blogging and emailing and brainstorming when I should probably be taking a night off to get it on. When I have been able to do that with my boo in the past, it definitely made a world of difference the next day. Enough said.

Sex boosts your self-esteem

Let's face it. Starting your own business is scary territory because pretty much everything is new to you. Especially for women, who are not usually encouraged to have an entrepreneurial spirit. But being able to strut your stuff into that big important client meeting or have the confidence to market yourself online makes a huge difference to your business' bottom line.

Sex relieves stress

I can't tell you how many times I've waited by the mailbox, checking my watch for the mailman to deliver a client check I'd been waiting on for weeks. Not getting paid on time was one of the first stressful situations I had to learn to deal with in my consulting business. I swear, I could just feel my blood pressure rising each day my mailbox sat empty! I believe this is when I developed my current drink of choice: bourbon and coke. Maker's Mark, baby.

Clearly, I need some more sexual healing in my life to help boost my health as well as my business! And believe me, I'm working on it. What about you? Do you see the value that more sex can have on both your personal and professional life?

Courtesy of: Happy Black Woman
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Anonymous user 5 years
Absolutely. I am working on a 'hook up' right now as well as launching the marketing of my books: "His East + Her West = A Romance by C.C. Sanders on Amazon and other fine e-Book retailers. It's a romance novel series and I've been so busy writing/editing/publishing that my own romance meter got stuck in neutral with no one on the horizon. I now have a good "possible" hook-up and I'm feeling frisky and confident just at the prospect of a good connection. Happily Ever After? Ahhh, you never know.
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